Neuigkeiten auf

6.12.2003: Eigentlich nichts neues hier, aber einen lustigen Online-Shop lege ich Euch ans Herz:

19.7.2003: So, das Design ist nun etwas "gediegener", viele Seiten sind entfernt, andere erneuert, und wieder andere (z.B. die lustigen Fotos) stark erweitert. Noch ist hier alles im Umbruch, aber es wird alles besser - vor allem das Design soll noch ein ganzes Stück weniger langweilig werden... Ich versprech's!


25.6.2003: Someone is sending around Virus / Spam Mails with this domain "" as origin. I did NOT mail anything to anyone. Neither did the spam originate from this server. It is easy to fake mails as to look like they're coming from any server. Don't contact me - I did not and will not send any Spam or Viruses.

After all I seem to be the one most affected by this: Every day I get up to 1000 (!) Mails from bounced SPAM. When a mail address is no longer valid a bounce message is generated and sent back to the address where the mail originated. Since this address is faked to be something at my domain, I get all these bounces. Up to now I have collected more than 25.000 mails from this incident. And I'm sure that I I'm able to find out who really did this I'll publish it here.

So: Sorry for any and all inconveniences, but I can't do anything about this.


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